Spellbound: The Incantation for Wonderfully Witchy Interior Design

As the leaves turn and the night creeps up on us earlier and earlier, it's hard to resist the call of autumn. Inspired by the most enchanting sets from shows like “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Charmed”, plus cult classics like Practical Magic and The Craft, there are plenty of ways to create a bewitching design scheme in your own home. Light a candle, get your cauldron bubbling and let's get down to work.

That's a witch's house

An old Victorian house is universally known to give off the quintessential witchy ambiance. What's up with that? Maybe it’s their age, maybe it's how many peaks and points they seem to have, and dark windows feeling darker with multiple panes or shutters on either side. Perhaps these centuries-old homes are just what Hollywood has latched onto—they certainly feature heavily in pop culture. Either way, if you call a multi-story Victorian home, you have the perfect haunt.

Chandelier above staircase

Having the shell is key, but just as important is what's going on inside the house. A hauntingly good Victorian home will still retain its period look even in the 21st-century. Original dark oak beams, a more traditional floor plan and imposing staircase are critical.

Mid-century dining room

Gothic Style really pulls its weight in creating a deeply ornate rooms with all the elements you need to design a chilling, dramatic looking home; talk about good mood board inspiration! This creepy-chic style relies on embracing vintage motifs and working them into your modern home.

Tiny cottage within lush garden
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We often overlook the Witch's Cottage. These small spaces are often found at the forest's edge, with a lush garden full of herbs and spices emitting a general feeling of “beware.” If you aren’t ready to make a full home transformation, there’s no need to traipse through the woods for your own little space, just create one in your own backyard!

Leather couch in dark living room

A darker palette

Dark motifs are essential here. It's time to put away the tropical tones of the summer for autumnal hues like rich ochre, maroon and earthy tones. Don't be afraid to slap a fresh coat of paint on your walls, too. A dark colour will let your décor pieces pop and candles will add extra warmth and mystery to the room.

Gothic wallpaper

Patterns and textiles

As you may know by now, wallpaper is back in a major way and what better excuse to experiment with bold decorative patterns like intricate paisley, timeless fleur-de-lis or thick pinstripes to add a moody macabre atmosphere. Genuine damask wallpaper, like the kind featured above, has a delicate raised texture made from sprinkled wool to create a soft, velvet-like feeling. It’s the kind of wallpaper Morticia Addams would have in her own home.

Black leather wingback chair
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Reupholster a wingback chair or two in worn black leather so you have somewhere comfortable to sit while reading spell books. Rich velvets in plum or deep ruby red look eerily charming enrobing tufted ottomans or squishy armchairs, while silver rivets add sophistication.

Vintage jars on shelves
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Natural remedy

Enchanting accessories

Fill your space with bewitching and vintage treasures. If you're redecorating your kitchen, visiting thrift stores and local vintage shops will offer you the motherlode of well-worn jars, kettles, dutch ovens and ornate dishware. Check out these tips for DIY Gothic décor—you might have everything you need at home to amp up the occult-like ambiance.

Pots and pans hanging on wall
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Shabby Chic-inspired accessories like hand-forged iron frames around large mirrors, sideboards overflowing with dried flowers, herbs and candles breathe new life into “old” décor. Tone down the use of white and voilà!.

Herbs hanging from twine
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Perfect for potions

Plants have their place in your enchanting home, too. Consider growing your own herbal tea garden and brew batches of calming chamomile or healing hibiscus. Tie your herbs with some twine and hang them to dry in your kitchen for the finishing touch.

Dried flowers on a desk

No matter the size of your home or if you just want to redecorate one room in your lair, these witchy vibes are perfect for every space. Happy Halloween!

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