November Market Stats

We've run the numbers, and our November stats indicate that home sales and listing activity reflect seasonal norms and are at typical levels for our region.

Sales of single-family homes in November rose by three per cent from 2018 and were nine per cent lower than in October. Apartment and townhouse sales dipped by eight per cent and 33 per cent, respectively.

Inventory of single-family homes in November rose by eight per cent from one year ago (1,065 to 1,155), the lowest since March, which saw 1,172 properties for sale. Active listings of apartments increased by 15 per cent (319 to 368) year over year while townhouse inventory dropped by 31 per cent (177 to 123).

The benchmark price of a single-family home board-wide was $517,100 in November, a three per cent increase from one year ago and down slightly from October. In the apartment category, the year-over-year benchmark price rose by three per cent, hitting $297,000 but down one per cent from October. The benchmark price of a townhouse rose by two per cent year over year, climbing to $405,700 last month and slightly higher than in October.

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