Master any Design Style, Vol. 1

Over the past two years, we've explored an array of design styles and if anything is clear, your style is uniquely personal, typically comprised of bits and pieces of the titled décor styles that resonate with you. Yes, it's possible to leave a stack of magazines on the coffee table of a minimalist home! 

That said, your interior and home designs are living and breathing, fluid and ever-changing, just as life so often can be. Today, take a stroll from Paris to Miami in our  first review of ten classic home decorating styles. . 

East Coast Classic

Baby boy nursery with crib and chair

If the Maritimes are your happy place, it doesn't matter that you're land-locked in Saskatchewan when you can draw on the nautically inspired East Coast Classic look for your interior designs. As light and fresh as a salt breeze across Prince Edward Island, this style gets you through the worst of Canadian winters with reminders of summer days by the sea. 

Miami Modern

Emerald green couch

The sun also comes to the fore, surrounded by colourful pastels and Art Deco touches when you choose Miami Modern as your style. There's a retro pulse that runs deep, but modern-day influence keeps Miami Modern well-maintained and stylish. 


Dining room with white table and mustard yellow chairs

Laying foundations that nudged the sensibilities of Art Deco, Bauhaus and Streamline Moderne, Futurism came out of Italy in the early 20th century. Its name is somewhat misleading in the post-Space Race era, since the future was all about the excitement of urban living and the advance of industrialism. Brought forth to the 21st century, Futurism has progressive/nostalgic duality that could put a bold stamp on your designs. 

English Country

English Country style living room

If a stroll through the Cotswolds is high on your list of favoured vacations, and your design sense is full of rustic sophistication, then English Country could be a theme that resounds with you. It's cozy and it's classic, with an emphasis on preservation and restoration. 


Though it seems as incongruous as pickled herring sushi, Japandi makes design sense when  Japanese meets Scandinavian. Adding life and warmth to minimalist concepts, this style is easier to grasp from a visual perspective, and even easier to incorporate if you like your space uncluttered but full of personality.

Polynesian Island

Beige couch with tropical pillows

There's no shortage of sun-based inspiration for warding away the effects of our northern climate in the winter. Polynesian Island design brings the exotic warm of the south seas home with natural colours and textures that have the playful bite of fresh pineapple. 

Haussmann Design

pink couch

The restoration of Paris in the mid-1800s brought a classic and enduring look to the urban landscape. Named after Napoléon III’s Prefect of the Seine, Haussmann Design is fundamentally about urban architecture, and the interiors support any number of design styles allowing you to aerate, unify and beautify–the “aérer, unifier, et embellir” philosophy that built the City of Light.   


White dining room with wooden table set

The principles of hygge and lagom–cozy and comfortable contentment in just the right amount–underlay the look of Scandinavian design. Every bit a wintertime tonic as any warm-weather style, Scandinavian embodies far more than DIY allen key furniture construction.


Bohemian office with lots of plants and neutral coloured furniture

If you feel a cluttered mind is a happy place, you're likely to fill your space in the busy and eclectic style that screams Bohemian. Unconventional and improvised, this is a design approach that begins and ends with you, with as much or as little help as you'd like along the way. 


As mysterious and deep as a sitar raga, Indian design is a culmination of centuries of life in the subcontinent. Though today the style is striking and obvious, Indian interior style grew from a diverse range of influences before, during and after its time as the jewel in the British Colonial Empire. Another style to bring a blaze of heat to the winter months, there are few styles as boldly exotic as Indian.  

You can master a single design style, or one for each room. There's always room for new influences, and deviating from textbook definitions is what puts your personality into your space. So visit and revisit, discover and rediscover while savouring the expression of yourself through home design. 

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