Decorating for Halloween with your Christmas Tree!

People are pulling out their Christmas trees early to start decorating for Halloween

halloween tree
Tina Ostergaard's Halloween tree. 
Tina Ostergaard

  • Halloween fanatics are going all out this year by transforming their artificial Christmas trees into spooky decorations for the holiday.
  • They're using fake spider webs, orange garlands, pumpkin decorations, and more to create the elaborate trees.
  • If you're itching to get in the Halloween spirit, you can also buy premade 14-inch ceramic trees with light-up pumpkins and purple ornaments from crafting superstore Michaels.
Fall is right around the corner, and the most enthusiastic fans of Halloween are going all out by adorning their homes with a Christmas-inspired decoration.

Halloween fanatics have been dusting off their artificial Christmas trees a few months early and refashioning them in honor of the spooky holiday.

People are using fake spider webs, orange garlands, pumpkin decorations, and fall foliage to transform their plastic Christmas trees well in advance of October 31.

Her tree also features white pumpkin accents, twinkling orange lights, and ornaments of Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." 

Tina Ostergaard, who goes by @mrs.osterglam on Instagram, swapped in a witch's hat as the topper for her Halloween tree:

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Tina Ostergaard's Halloween tree. 
Tina Ostergaard

Orange bows and jack-o'-lantern ornaments hang off the tree, which is lined with pumpkins, a haunted house, and other decorations at its base. 

This Halloween lover doubled down on the orange theme while decorating their tree:

The tree — which is bright orange itself — is covered with the classic jack-o'-lantern buckets used for trick-or-treating.

And one user even got ahead of the trend by creating a spooky Halloween-inspired tree for Christmas 2018:

If you're itching to get into the Halloween spirit but don't have the time or energy to devote to transforming and repurposing a Christmas tree, you're in luck. Crafting superstore Michaels is selling premade 14-inch ceramic trees with light-up pumpkins and purple ornaments.

halloween trees
Michaels' ceramic Halloween trees. 

And if trees aren't your thing, there are plenty of other festive decorations to fill your home within the lead-up to Halloween.

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