A $25 Million Penthouse with a View

If you're living in or shopping for a swanky condo in any major Canadian city, you know branded and themed buildings are on trend. These highrises typically have exotic names (or may be branded after the landmarks they replaced) or are part of luxurious boutique hotels with integrated units.

Large developers and designers obsess over the tiniest details on everything from themes and art to materials and ornate exterior lighting to give them an edge in the searing condo market. But in Miami, Florida, some developers are thinking even bigger—after all, this is a city where $4-million cars adorn the walls as art (albeit just a carbon fibre replica).

The Porsche Design Building built a massive tower that not only soars 60 storeys on a tiny strip of sandy beach, it allows residents to haul their pricey exotic car(s) up to their suites more than 180 metres in the sky!

The brains behind this impressive concept is Gil Dezer of Dezer Development, based in Miami, Florida. Gil is said to have inherited his boldness to really push the boundaries of design from his father Michael.

“We call it the Dezervator,” Dezer laughs, “It's a highly-engineered, computer-controlled and patented design— it's mesmerizing to see the lifting of three cars so many storeys up. Our residents really enjoy showing off the tech, especially the one in the Penthouse suite that can fit 11 cars!”

Yellow sports car with black detailing
Photo courtesy of the author
Yellow sports car with black detailing and red sports car in background
Photo courtesy of the author

Wait, 11 cars? That's the size of a small parking garage. To get a closer look at the suite, what better way than to take the Dezervator up (and up and up)?

The penthouse suite recently sold for $25 million USD (down from the original $32 million asking price) and not only features 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, but also parks 11 vehicles in three separate areas. At the time of our visit, Dezer explained they left everything on the interior to the prospective buyer's imagination. The unit has cavernous open spaces and the condo's interior will be designed to the specifications of its new buyer.

Owners enter the building through a street-level tunnel to drive up to a large glass pod. A dolly rolls out and snatches the tires using thin rollers to elevate the car just a few centimetres off the ground. From there, the long stainless steel dolly retracts the car back into the Dezervator and the computer takes over. Upon arriving on your floor, the car either slides out into the suite to be on static display or, in the case of this penthouse, it can be moved around the open garage space. 

The penthouse also boasts four floors of living space and features massive patios, a pool and hot tub, and balconies facing every direction allowing for stunning 360-degree views. 

View from penthouse roof out to Miami Bay
Photo courtesy of the author
View towards penthouse from balcony with the sea behind and city reflecting in windows
Photo courtesy of the author
Hot tub on penthouse balcony with black marble steps
Photo courtesy of the author

Naturally, the penthouse was the most expensive of the 135 units in the building and this project has attracted the most billionaire owners of any condo in the world! As the saying and the hashtag go: #OnlyInMiami.
While Miami might not be in the cards, your unique dream home is waiting to be discovered. Find your drool-worthy abode by filtering your search by property type and with keywords like “penthouse”, “waterfront”, “pool” and more.

credit:  www.realtor.ca

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