5 Ways to Create a Multifunctional Guest Room

Start using your multifunctional guest room to impress your guests and boost your productivity.

When was the last time you used your guest room for actual guests? If you're having a hard time remembering, you're likely not alone. While the thought of regular visits from friends and family is nice, it's not likely how your room is being utilized day-to-day. Monday through Friday, the extra room often doubles as a dumping ground for laundry and the miscellaneous. It's time to reclaim the room and put your extra space to work by making the most of your guest bedroom with a few simple upgrades.

Guest room and meditation/yoga space

Young woman practicing downward facing dog pose playing with her dog in the living room

It's time to start a new morning ritual. Consider turning that room into a personal meditation space. If you currently have a queen mattress in the room, consider downgrading to a twin or double to make room for all the fun possibilities of a new wellness nook. All you need is a cozy area rug, some meditation pillows and a yoga mat. Accessories like candles, live plants and diffusers will help to tie the look together.

Guest room and home office

A sunny boys bedroom with a day bed beside the window

In a perfect world, we would all have infinite rooms in our homes to serve infinite purposes. In reality, we often find ourselves sacrificing comfort and convenience for necessity. The guest room is the perfect place to start striking that balance. Keep work out of the bedroom by converting your guest room into a functioning office. To keep clutter to a minimum, a sleek daybed serves as seating by day and a bed by night if you're pressed for space.

Guest room and playroom

Shot of two young brothers playiing together in their toy filled bedroom

Your best efforts to keep the house tidy don't go unnoticed—there's no doubt it's a full-time job when you have kids. Why not redirect some of that playful energy to a space that's easily hidden by a closed door? Move the toys and games from the living room to the guest room, easily stashing them away in ottoman's at the foot of the bed (for easy access). If you're feeling crafty, consider using chalkboard paint on one of the walls, it will serve two purposes: it will keep the kids entertained and it's also a fun way to welcome your guests with a personalized greeting. Small gestures never go overlooked.

Guest room and library

Nothing whispers dream home library more than floor-to-ceiling bookshelves displayed artfully according to your style and personality. The bookworm inside us is (quietly) screaming right now. Not only will your guests be wowed by the collection you've started, but you'll have a reading retreat to enjoy when guests aren't around. While great lighting is important to any guestroom, it's crucial to a home library. Ensure your ambient and task lighting are adjusted to suit the needs of your space.

Guest room and crafting room

A colorful room interior with a desk, sewing machine and threads

The key to a good guest room/craft room combo is having great built-in pieces and moveable storage furniture that can double as a usable surface when needed. Your work area will likely feature a pinboard, whiteboard and any creative tools you might require—just be sure larger or possibly dangerous tools can be hidden within the desk when guests are around. Make the most of closets to store large canvases, card stock and wrapping paper. Consider incorporating wall rails or shelves to display beautiful art that inspires you and your guests.

credit:  www.realtor.ca

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